From: $350.00


“Esperanza” by widely-collected and well-known local artist Joe Ray, in collaboration with renowned master printer W.M. Raburn is the inaugural piece in Xico’s new collector series.  Xico artists are deeply committed to giving back to the organization and the community.  This series gives them an opportunity to use their talents to do just that.

This collector’s series is intended to honor Xico’s contributions to the culture of our community and aid in the sustainability of community arts programs for our underserved youth. The inaugural art piece is limited to only 100 Seriliths and 15 Remarques that will never be produced again.

Mr. Raburn is recognized as coining and perfecting the artistic Serilith process, a process that combines the techniques of lithographs and serigraphs into one unique and original print series. Fifteen additional pieces (Remarques) have been further personalized by Joe Ray.