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Location Location Location

Last week the city of Chandler, Arizona celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding. Since the Xico office is located in the middle of downtown Chandler, we’ve gotten to see all of the fun events. As people talk about what the city has meant to them, it raises the question of why place is so important. In the age of the internet where the whole world is connected digitally, why does it matter where you live, work, and play?


There’s been a lot of research done on places and place-making (intentionally steering communities to be recognizable, livable, attractive, etc). Chandler is a good example of a community that is very self-aware and motivated to improve. That’s great from a nonprofit perspective because we are all about community. One popular way of thinking about place for nonprofits is asset-based community development. This practice is a way of improving communities by using the strengths that already exist rather than focusing on problems. The key to asset-based community development is finding resources that exist locally and developing them into a network that can strengthen the community from the ground up.

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Link Roundup

Today we’re sharing some of our favorite nonprofit news sites:
Blue Avocado- funny name, great content
The Nonprofit Times- like the New York Times, the “paper” of record for nonprofits
The Chronicle of Philantropy- delivers on its promise of “news, jobs, and ideas”

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Xico Mural is the Best

Xico just won an award for Best Mural given by the East Valley Tribune. Yay! Check out the article here.

Read more about the Xico mural here…

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An issue that anyone dealing with ethnic arts runs into sooner or later is the issue of language. What words do we use to label artists and their art? Should we be in the business of labeling people at all? It’s a difficult issue and one that we face a lot at Xico.

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Intellectual Property: What artists need to know

“You don’t have to be an expert on intellectual property but you do need to know when to contact one.” said local lawyer Mark Wright, beginning a workshop on Intellectual Property for artists. Xico was excited to host this informative workshop this past week and I’ve typed up a few notes to share. This issue is an important one for artists to be aware of, so please educate yourself early and avoid trouble later!

  • Intellectual property refers to ideas, not objects or land
  • Patents- 3-D artists may be interested in getting a design patent for their sculptures
  • Trademark- Artists can trademark logos, names, and similar ideas. Just using any of those gives you a claim to a trademark but registering provides much broader rights in terms of forcing others to stop using your idea.
  • Copyright- Simply, copyright is the right to make copies, to control the distribution of a thing. ***Artists automatically have a copyright on any work they create. *** Buying a piece of art does not automatically transfer the copyright from the artist to the buyer. Although copyright is automatic, registering a copyright with the US government gives artists a lot more protection and allows them to sue people who steal their work for damages.
  • Inheritance- In the US copyright lasts for the life of the author plus 75 years, artists may want to assign their intellectual property to a specific person in their will

The notes above are some very general guidelines. If you’re not sure what to do in a specific situation, consult a lawyer like Mark to protect your intellectual property.

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